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The American Council on Addiction and Alcohol Problems believes that problems relating to alcohol and other drugs are in direct proportion to consumption. More consumers and higher per-capita consumption produce increased problems: death, dependency, disease, delinquency (including crime), dollars spent (economic cost), disruption of family life and society.

These problems are addressed by conducting activities aimed at reducing both the number of consumers of alcohol (and other drugs), and the per-capita rate of consumption. How will this be done? By simultaneously reducing the supply and the demand for alcoholic beverages.


ACAAP affiliates monitor national issues related to alcohol and other drugs. Affiliate organizations support lobbying activities in the nation's capitol to influence public policy by controlling or restricting the availability of these chemicals. The alcohol issues that ACAAP  affiliate organizations took a leadership role in:
  • Restoring "Age 21” laws for the purchase of alcoholic beverages in all fifty states.
  • Mandating warning labels on alcoholic beverage containers.
  • Increasing federal excise taxes on alcoholic beverages.
  • Securing no smoking policy aboard airplanes.
ACAAP affiliate members support the implementation of these additional key recommendations:
  • Strict controls on alcohol advertising and marketing practices, including banning TV ads, mandating warning labels on all ads and promotions, and requiring ingredient listing on labels.
  • Reduction of permissible BAC (blood alcohol concentration) for drivers age 21 and over from its present level of .08 percent to a level of 0.04 percent. The permissible BAC level for drivers under age 21 should be established at 0.00 percent nationally.


ACAAP conducts information awareness activities that:
  • Warn the public of the dangers and problems caused by alcohol and other drugs.
  • Counteract the social pressures brought on by glamorization and advertising of alcohol ... all of which have the effect of subverting personal freedom of choice.
  • Advocate voluntary abstinence as the best lifestyle for children and youth as well as for adults.

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