2017 Annual Meeting


The following videos are from the ACAAP Annual Meeting at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas on September 19, 2017.

There are four presentations and an Executive Director’s report.
  • Joe Godfrey, President-Elect of ACAAP, presented the Executive Director’s report, standing-in for Bill Day.
  • Jon Okinaga shared his experience with addiction to alcohol and other drugs and how he used his experience and education to counsel others.
  • Evan Lenow discussed the current trend of acceptance by the faith community towards the use of alcohol and the problems that result.
  • Brandon Keisling shared his road to addiction recovery and how the transformation led him to a life of ministry.
  • Gordon Sidler, Prevention Resource Center of The Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, discussed current trends in the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs.

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