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The American Council on Addiction and Alcohol Problems (ACAAP) is partnering with American Character Builders (ACB)  to make the following video and resources available to you at no charge

We believe it is possible to change a self-destructive youth culture, 

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Two million Americans abuse prescription opioids every year. This epidemic crosses cultural and socioeconomic boundaries. Opioid addiction is a rampant issue, yet it is rarely discussed. 

This is the untold story of millions of Americans. This film was created to empower those dealing with opioid addiction to speak up and seek help.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the conversation of character in American youth culture. This is where you come in.

The following resources are to be used in conjunction with the video. 


Practical Toolkit for Faith & Community Leaders in the Opioid Epidemic

Effective Drug Refusal Skills for Teens & Adults

About The Epidemic

Big Marijuana Moves to Exploit the Opioid Epidemic

Factsheet on Opioids and Heroin Epidemic

How to Respond To An Opioid Overdose

How to Safely Dispose of Drugs

Opioid Addiction Disease Facts & Figures

Opioid Crisis Statistics

Pain Management Options

General Facts and Recommendations: Facing Addiction in America

How to Prevent Opioid Abuse & Addiction

Prevention Programs & Tools

Recovery Resources & Tools

Does Socioeconomic Advantage Lessen the Risk of Adolescent Substance Use?

Opioid Awareness Resources - Department of Justice

Treatment for Opioid Abuse & Disorder

Understanding the Opioid Crisis - Alabama Department of Mental Health

The agony of opioid withdrawal — and what doctors should tell patients about it - Travis Rieder

ONE DECISION "Educate yourself before deciding a drug should be a part of your life." This is the message repeated again and again from those in recovery from addiction. Short film by Adam Stewart, WV

50-State Analysis of Drug Overdose Trends: The Evolving Opioid Crisis Across the States (Infographics)

National Prescription Drug Take Back DayAdditional Links for Take Back Day

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas

All Hands on Deck Needed to End the Opioid Crisis - Rob Chambers, President, ACAAP


The school lesson plans are non-sectarian in nature and appropriate for use in public schools.

Opioid Awareness - MIDDLE SCHOOL

Opioid Awareness - HIGH SCHOOL


Opioid Awareness - LESSON 01

Opioid Awareness - LESSON 02

Opioid Awareness - LESSON 03


The American Council on Addiction and Alcohol Problems and American Character Builders hopes to continue to create generation-changing videos for use in schools, churches, nonprofits, and individuals in need. These videos will challenge students to consider their actions and think critically about relevant issues.

By taking powerful stories and statistics, we hope to give students a free, engaging, and entertaining resource that challenges them to build their character and rise above the cultural bottom line. 

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In addition, American Character Builders continues to provide printed resources of the following programs:

The kits are easy to use and available for the cost of shipping. They are also suitable for use in churches. Bible studies that accompany each kit are available on a separate CD.  The program material is also available for download on the "Educational Programs" tab on the left.  For information, call or email:

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